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Vacuum pumps

Induvac supplies a complete range of vacuum pumps for all industries. We are independent, have extensive experience and we are able to supply most of our pumps from stock. Our pump range is starting with fans and blowers for a slight negative pressure to rotary vane pumps for nearly 100% vacuum. 

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Blowers / Fans

Induvac supplies a wide range of blowers, side channel blower, roots blowers and claw compressors. The pressure varies from a few Pascal over pressure for the fans to about 2.5 bars over pressure for the claw compressors. 

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Induvac supplies besides compressed air, gas and liquid filters a large number of components and specific filters for various brands of compressors and vacuum pumps. The main filters are obviously the suction filters, oil separators and the oil filters. These can also be ordered via our webshop. 

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Vacuum Pumps
Induvac supplies rotary vane, claw, piston, screw and liquid ring vacuum pumps. These products are for example used for pneumatic transport, packaging, filtering, venting and degassing. Range of vacuum pumps »

Blowers and fans
Induvac supplies (Roots) blowers, side channel blowers and fans, used for transportation including granular, water aeration and pick and place systems. Range of blowers and fans »

Always personal advice
When choosing a vacuum pump, blower or fan many variables play a role. As a specialist Induvac has hands-on experience with numerous brands and products. We use our knowledge to assist you in making the right choice.

24h Service and maintenance
Our service technicians are ready to repair failing equipment, even during evenings and weekends. We have the capacity for maintenance, repairs and overhauls to be done on location or in our workshop.

The right choice
Which device is best suited for your situation? Explain your requirements to us and we advise without obligation. Enter your details and we will call you asap. 


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