Rotary vane vacuum pumps

Induvac supplies a wide range of rotary vane vacuum pumps. The oil lubricated vacuum pumps can achieve pressures up to 0.5 mbar (a) and capacities of 1000 m3/h are available. The dry version is available with a maximum capacity of 250 m3/h and is suitable for vacuum (120 mbar (a)) and compression (800 mbar (G)). 


Besides the standard pumps Induvac delivers also special versions. The pumps can be equipped with 12, 24 or 48 volt motors, as a bare shaft version, or produced according to the ATEX directives. Rotary vane vacuum pumps are for example used for pneumatic transport systems, meat packing, vacuum lifting, laboratory applications or hospital vacuum systems.



The oil lubricated vacuum pumps operate with low residual oil content, making it very environmentally friendly pumps. Also, these pumps can be supplied with a gas ballast valve to prevent water vapor condensation.

  • Modern and compact design
  • High quality standard
  • Constant suction capacity
  • Very reliable and maintenance friendly
  • Simple installation
  • Low noise level
  • Air cooled
  • Direct driven
  • Low costs and long life time 

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