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Induvac is a service orientated sales organization specialized in vacuum- and compression techniques, but also in liquid and gas filtration. Induvac can supply a very wide range of products and we do have relationships with the best manufacturers all over the world. 

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Induvac can also design and build complete systems with blowers and / or fans. These systems can be custom-build and turn-key delivered according the specifications from the customer. We can supply in every kind of industry. 

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Welcome to the Induvac site!

Induvac means Industrial Vacuum, but our activities go further then vacuum business in general. Induvac is a supplier of vacuum and low pressure machines and also specialist in filtration of gasses and liquids.

We are working together with manufacturers, who are leaders in terms of professionalism and quality in their business and we are selling our products mainly in Western Europe but also outside this area. Induvac is not only a supplier of standard components, but we are very much specialised in finding the solution of the customer problems. We design and develop complete systems and installations for our products. Induvac continues where other stops.

Induvac is your partner for Vacuum, Compression and Filtration.  


Welcome on the induvac site!

Because of an important growth of foreign customers and export sales, we were obliged to invest in a friendlier website, which also can be used by people who do not speak Dutch.


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