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Hospital vacuum systems

Induvac hospital vacuum units are CE certified and are provided in different shapes according to different requirements. Therefore they can be vertical or horizontal. They consist of three pumps, a reservoir complete with a condense exhaust system and two bactericidal filters .

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blowers for vapors

When an oil tanker is empty, highly explosive oil vapors may remain in the tanker and cause danger to the environment. Refineries therefore decide to suck away the vapors and to flare these gasses in a safe area. Induvac supplies for this application complete blower units. 

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retrofit vacuum pumps

Existing liquid ring vacuum pumps cannot always be replaced by pumps from other brands and that’s a pity!  Because often, the liquid ring vacuum pumps from Induvac have better performances than the competition. We have a solution! 

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Custom made solutions

Induvac can also design and build complete systems with blowers and / or fans. These systems can be custom-build and turn-key delivered according the specifications from the customer. We can supply in every kind of industry.

First of all we analyze the problem or requirements based on the specific production process and needs of the customer. At this stage, all process variables, wishes and requirements are defined, then a customized proposal can be developed. In the next phase we can send a budgetary quotation and we can start selecting components.  After approval the technical calculations can be made and we can start building the construction. During this process we keep our clients continuously informed about the process and we provide drawings, technical data and instructions. If needed customers can be involved in inspectations, tests or certification procedures. 


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