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Company profile

Company profile
Induvac is a service orientated sales organization specialized in vacuum- and compression techniques, but also in liquid and gas filtration. Induvac can supply a very wide range of products and we do have relationships with the best manufacturers all over the world. This in combination with a long experience in the fields of vacuum and filtration, makes us able to give you first class solutions for the best price. Induvac is quickly becoming the partner of choice for an ever increasing number of customers.

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Induvac wants to be a leading supplier in the Netherlands of vacuum-, compression and filter techniques. Induvac is both different and special together, by providing first class solutions in the field of vacuum and filtration. This is possible by supplying not just single pumps or filters, but also complete custom-build turn-key projects based on customers specification and in cooperation with the customer itself.

Induvac is focused on creating a company with a continuous and stable growth in the field of vacuum and filtration. Naturally, product quality is key to the sustainable growth and profitability of Induvac b.v.
Equally important are our employees and innovation as the main driver for growth. Its dedicated and passionate employees possess a powerful combination of strong technical skills, hands-on experience and no-nonsense mentality. With years of experience in their respective areas of expertise, they complete their main tasks again and again; providing customers with the best products, solutions and support available.


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