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Sidechannel Blowers

Construction features of the Vacom side channel blower are the simplicity of the construction, the very reliable operation and low maintenance. The absence of lubricants guarantees a 100% oil free vacuum or compression.  

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Roots blowers

Induvac supplies a wide range of roots blowers with capacities up to 21,600 m³ / h. These blowers are successfully used in the general industry, food industry and the (petro-) chemical industry for years. Sold as bare shaft blower or as a complete unit.  

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centrifugal fans

Induvac supplies a wide range of centrifugal fans for the most diverse applications in several industries. We provide high quality fans for competitive prices. Most of the fans are deliverable from stock.   

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axial fans

Induvac supplies a wide range of axial fans for various applications. Capacities are available up to 50.000 m3/h.  The fans can be supplied in aluminum, Stainless steel 304 or plastic. 



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Claw Compressors

The Induvac claw pumps have been specially designed and developed to be used in industrial applications, where an oil free compression is required.The claw pump is working 100% contact free.  

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Blowers / Fans


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