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Process filters

Induvac offers a wide range of process filters for both liquids and gasses in standard execution. Of course it is also possible to let us design your specific filter for your specific application. The Induvac process filters are designed by the experts in the field.  

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Suction Filters

Suction filters are used to protect vacuum pumps and compressors against pollution. Our suction filters are standardized and available in large capacities. The filters are ready from stock.


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Compressed air filters

The Induvac compressed air filters guarantees clean air for the highest demands and specifications. The compressed air filters are used for efficient removal of solid particles, water, oil vapours, taste and odours from compressed air in industrial applications.  

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Oil Seperators

Oil separators are used in vacuum pumps and compressors to separate oil mist and liquefy it again. Induvac is an independent supplier and we supply oil separators for all brands of vacuum pumps and compressors. 

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oil filters

An oil filter is a filter to purify oil of dirt that the oil has collected during its operation. Induvac is an independent supplier of oil filters and we can supply filters of all leading brands available in the market. The filters are almost always ready on stock. 

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Filters and other parts

In our webshop you can order filters and other parts for compressors and vacuum pumps for a good price.
Parts included are;

 • Filter housings / filters
 • Air filters
 • Oil separators
 • Oil filters
 • Gaskets
 • Vacuum Oil
 • Repair kits
 • vanes

Filters are very important. Replace filters and other spare parts in time so that your device is properly functioning.

Find the right part

To order the correct article, you need only the brand and model of your fan, compressor or pump. Finds the page with appropriate components. Tip: Add the page to find your favorites, so the next time you can easily find.

Ordering and payment

Parts in stock, we ship within 2 business days. If not available, we will contact within 1 day. The payment is 30 days. Is there something wrong with the order or the articles? Call or email us as soon as possible, we make it right.

Need help?

Can you make and model of your device like? Do you need help using the shop? Enter your details and we will call you asap. 


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