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Process filters

Induvac offers a wide range of process filters for both liquids and gasses in standard execution. Of course it is also possible to let us design your specific filter for your specific application.

The Induvac process filters are designed by the experts in the field. We are able to solve almost every technical industrial filter problem in every specific market from chemical to micro-electronic and from pharmacy to food industry. Not for nothing our slogan is; “drop your problem in our hands and we will take care of it”. The technical know-how inside the Induvac organization is from a very high level and for almost every application we have supplied filters in the past.

Filter cartridges;

Different kind of filter elements and cartridges are being used in the general process – and product filtration in all kind of industries and can be delivered in different kind of materials and dimensions. Some common materials are polypropylene, nylon, polyester, glass and cotton. Micro rating from 0,6 to 200 or more are available. Standard types of filters are wounded yarn filter elements, graded pore structure melt blown polypropylene, pleated filter elements for surface filtration, to be used in liquid or gas applications. But also pleated melt blown polypropylene elements for depth filtration with the highest dirt holding capacity. For special applications we can supply Inconel, Hastelloy or other exotic materials. 

Filter bags

Using filter bags is an economic way of filtering being used in all kind of industries. Filter bags are available in 4 standard filter sizes and available in different kind of materials like polypropylene, polyester, Teflon, Nomex and others. On request we can supply other materials and sizes if necessary. Filter bags can be installed in all standard housings also from other brands. They are mainly used in applications like process water, oil, glycol, diary products, demi water etc.

Filter housings

Induvac can supply a wide range of standard housings. Single element housings, or multi element housings with v-clamp quick closure, reversible eyebolts or Rathman clamps. But also standard single basket filter housing, automatic for filter systems for water with high load of suspended solids. Sanitary filters and filter housings custom made are also possible. These housings can be designed and fabricated according the standard industrial norm, PED norm, ASME, AD-Merkblatter, Stoomwezen, BS5500 etc.

Some applications are;

  • pharmacy
  • (petro-) chemical industry
  • painting industry
  • breweries
  • water treatment installations
  • food industry
  • others 



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