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roots blowers

Induvac supplies a wide range of roots blowers with capacities up to 21,600 m³ / h. These blowers are successfully used in the general industry, food industry and the (petro-) chemical industry for years. Sold as bare shaft blower or as a complete unit. 

Features Induvac rootsblowers

  • Blowers with pre-inlet vacuum down to 200 mbar(a)
  • Special blowers for overpressure up to 2 bar(g)
  • Oil free compression
  • Very reliable and less maintenance
  • High quality standards
  • Wide range from small to big capacities
  • Special materials possible
  • ATEX execution possible 

Blower to 200 mbar (A)

Induvac supplies a vacuum blower which can achieve a vacuum of 200 mbar (a), where normally only a maximum of 500 mbar (a) can be reached. The blowers are available in capacities up to approximately 9000 m3/hr. Applications where it is now mandatory to install an oil or liquid lubricated vacuum pump, can now be equipped with this robust vacuum blowers.

Blower units

The Induvac blower units are suitable for both vacuum and over pressure applications and can be used in all industries. Due to its small size, the Induvac blower units are easy to place anywhere. The acoustic hood is equipped with a fan for forced cooling to avoid overheating of the blower and the electric motor. The acoustic hood is easy to open for maintenance or periodical checks.   

Special Executions

  • Water-cooled end plates
  • Liquid injection
  • Gas-tight executions with double mechanical seals
  • Rotors with 2 or 3 lobes
  • Different material executions available (ductile iron, cast steel, stainless steel, Hastelloy, bronze, aluminum)
  • External lubrication system
  • External cooling water system
  • Afgeplugde rotors for applications with high liquid content in the suction
  • Degreasing for oxygen applications
  • Special Preservation
  • Additional factory tests (leak detection, noise measurement, vibration measurement, pressure testing, NDT, etc.)  

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