Induvac has its own engineering department to design, calculate and draw complete vacuum, compressor and filter systems. As an independent vacuum supplier we can also modify existing vacuum or compression systems. We can assist our customers from a realistic advice to a full realization of the system. 

Custom made solutions

First of all we analyze the problem or requirements based on the specific production process and needs of the customer. At this stage, all process variables, wishes and requirements are defined, then a customized proposal can be developed. In the next phase we can send a budgetary quotation and we can start selecting components.  After approval the technical calculations can be made and we can start building the construction. During this process we keep our clients continuously informed about the process and we provide drawings, technical data and instructions. If needed customers can be involved in inspectations, tests or certification procedures.

Training and commission

Technical assistance and commission of the delivered system(s) are part of the possibilities at Induvac. Training can be done to your people about daily maintenance and start-up. These training programs are individual to each customer and are done by our own trainers and or specialized service engineers. Training programs can be take place in our office or on site. 


  • Food products, bottle filling, vacuum deodorization, vacuum cooking, canning and packaging.
  • Glass industry, vacuum lifting, chucking and manufacturing of glass and bottles
  • Hospitals, sterilizers and central vacuum systems.
  • Medical equipment, for steam, sterilizers to cool and dry.
  • Oils vegetables, vacuum deodorizing of oils differential distillation, agitation.
  • Paint industry, drying, de-aeration, distillation etc.
  • Paper industry, vacuum on pulp molders such as egg cases, paper plates, paper cones etc.
  • Petroleum industry, vacuum filling and cleansing of barrels, vapor recovery, filtration of dewaxing etc.
  •  Poultry industry, vacuum evisceration, packaging, drying of egg products

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