Service and maintenance

Vacuum pumps, compressors and filters are an important item of the total production process. When there is a problem, the problem can be much bigger then just this item itself. Induvac has his own service department, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. 

No unexpected costs,

Maintenance, both preventative and corrective, can be done  in our own workshop but of course we can also maintain or repair the pumps on location . For light or big overhauls you can contact our customer service for a quotation. This applies both to our own vacuum pumps as well as pumps from other brands. The service department disposes of a very well equipped repair area with extensive testing facilities. Also for repair and overhaul you can contact our customer service. This applies both to its own brand as well as other brands. The service department has disposition of a very well equipped repair area with extensive testing facilities. A large warehouse with all the common spare parts and accessories is available. 

experienced engineers

Induvac is working with some very experienced engineers. Many years they have been working in the vacuum and compression business. For the filter business we do have some specialized engineers as well. Our workshop is equipped with the latest techniques to maintain pumps and test them before sending them back to the customer. All pumps and compressors being repaired are tested according normalized standards. These tests guarantees good working acc. the specifications from the manufacturer.Qualified repairs on all pumps and filters can be done by us. Our engineers can do the job on location or in our workshop.

Service contracts

Induvac offers you preventive service in three different kind of service contracts. If you are interested please contact us Most problems can be solved within 24 hours. Often the problem can be solved already by phone, otherwise we guarantee an engineer within 4-8 hours.  

Pump Exchange Program

With the Induvac pump exchange program, a remanufactured replacement pump with a 12 month warranty, is shipped to you in exchange for your non-working pump to minimize downtime. Contact your Induvac Service representative for more information.


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