Claw vacuum pumps

The Induvac claw vacuum pumps have been specially designed and developed to be used in industrial applications, where a high vacuum and oil-free compression are required. 

The claw pump is working 100% contact free. For this reason there will be no internal wear and less maintenance like replacement of vanes in rotary vane pumps. Another advantage is the fact that there is no use of water or oil to create a ring or for lubrication reasons. Pumps can be used as a vacuum pump(up to 50 mbar(a), but also as a compressor(up to 2 barg). The Induvac claw pump is available from 60m3/hr up to 600 m3/hr.

These kinds of pumps are being used already for years and years for all kind of applications. The robust design and the simple construction stand for a long life time and high reliability. Furthermore the high efficiency of this kind of pumps compared with conventional pumps results in a big reduction of energy costs and low maintenance costs.

The compact design of the Induvac claw vacuum pumps results in small external pump dimensions. The vacuum pump is equipped with both an efficient silencer and an air cooler to reduce the outlet temperature. 

Working principle

Two rotary claws rotate in opposite directions within a housing. The special geometrical shape of the claws allows the air to be compressed within the vacuum pump with a high efficiency. The claws rotate constantly, sucks the air into the vacuum chamber, compressed in the compression chamber and discharged under pressure. The claw pump is able to suck relatively wet air or gas. 

Different executions

Claw pumps can be executed in several ways. As a standard this machine is directly coupled to an e-motor, but the pump can also be v-belt drive nor for example by a hydraulic motor for mobile units. These machines can also be compliant with directive 94/9/EC (ATEX95) to operate in explosive atmospheres. The Induvac claw pumps are certified for use in zone 1/22(i), zone 1/21(o). Special executions for oxygen or other special gasses can be delivered on request. A large variety of accessories ensures an optimum adaption to every application.


Pumps can be used for all kind of applications and industries; paper industry, beverage industry, plastic and wood industry, pick- and place machines, medical applications, food and environmental applications, compression and transport for biogas, aeration of settling tanks, but also for example as central vacuum systems, or flare-gas compression. So in general the Induvac claw pumps can be used for almost every application. 


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